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The World’s Top 25 Hair Transplant Surgeons: 2021 Edition

Top 25 Hair Transplant Surgeons in the World, Spex-Hair

Dr. Tsvetalin Zarev

Tsvetalin Zarev graduated from Medical University, Sofia in 2010. He works actively in the transplantation industry with particular focus on large FUE cases at his Galatea Clinic, creating somewhat of a name for himself. He preforms and specialises in hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and beard hair transplants, and has been doing so for the last 9 years. During this period Dr. Zarev has used manual as well as motorised FUE technique. I had the pleasure of meeting and watching him conduct an outstanding presentation in Manchester in 2019 where he presented a 14,000FU Giga session via FUE case that had people mesmerised.

Dr Zarev is been proud to have featured on ApetoGentleman’s Top 25 Hair Transplants in the World. Dr Zarev has again earned this honour for 2021, thanks to recognition provided by hair loss blogger and media personality, Spencer ‘Spex 

Spex Hair is very well-known and exceptionally regarded in the hair loss space thanks to his role as an educator, advocate and expert in hair restoration surgery, from the patient perspective. Since his late teens, Spex Hair has pursued countless therapies including multiple hair transplants and it took him the better part of the first decade to find practitioners who could deliver on their promises without causing bodily harm.

As such, Spencer Spex Hair Stevenson has turned his two decades of experiences into a thriving career which takes him around the world to meet some of the world’s finest hair transplant surgeons as well as patients who are on the journey to correcting their hair loss issues.

One of the most important pieces of information Spencer imparts to patients is that hair transplant surgery must always be left in reserve as a last resort. He is passionate about educating the consumer about the risks of surgery when weighed against the benefits, and also about the critical importance of doing due diligence when seeking a consultation with a hair loss practitioner.

I feel Spencer is very much on the same proverbial page as I am and completely trust his ability to impart useful, ethical wisdom to those who may otherwise be terribly misguided.

It was with great humility that I acknowledge my place on the ApetoGentleman list, proud to receive such high praise among so many others whom I respect and appreciate in this industry.

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Spencer Stevenson and Spencer Kobren the founder of the IAHRS.org also interviewed here about the article on The Bald Truth UK Radio show:


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