Oral medication

The most frequently used medicaments in this category are the antiandrogens:

  • Finasteride 1.0mg


  • Dutasteride 0.5mg



Androgenic alopecia can be effectively treated by means of these medicaments because they block 5-alpha reductase, the enzyme that is responsible for transforming testosterone into dehydrotestosterone and for the connection of the latter with specific receptors in the hair follicles situated in the problem zones. Taking these medicaments suppresses the process of hair loss and restores hair growth in the damaged follicles (that still retain their function). Oral reception of these medicaments causes a number of serious side effects, such as decreased libido, decreased potency, ginecomastia, emotional disturbances, etc.This is due to the resorption of the substance into all systems and organs of the human body – since quite large doses of medication are required when it is taken orally. It is strongly contraindicated for women to take Finasteride and Dutasteride.

    But there are safe ways of using these medicaments: they can be introduced into the scalp by means of mesotherapy. This technique permits application of far smaller doses of medication to achieve the curative effect, doses that exclude harmful side effects.