Hair loss in women

   Increased hair loss and deteriorating state of the hair in women may be due to various causes, such as: hormone imbalance of the thyroid gland, decreased levels of female sexual hormones after pregnancy, insufficiencies due to imbalanced diet, etc. These states temporarily suppress growth processes in the hair follicles and deteriorate the quality of the hair, without leading to atrophy of the follicles; when the causes are eliminated, normal hair growth is restored.

    The most frequent cause of lasting damage to follicles is Hair loss treatmentHair loss treatment which might affect as many as 40% of women during their lives. It is characterized by diffuse impact on the whole head of hair, with the exception of the back of the head. Women normally have low levels of male sexual hormones, and that is why the ailment usually appears after menopause, when hormonal imbalance occurs. It may appear at a younger age as well; what is important is the quantity and sensitivity of the inherited androgenic receptors. The levels of sexual hormones are also important, but in most cases, no deviation is evident.