AVA FUE technique 

   Human hair grows on the scalp in nests (follicular units). Healthy hair usually contains follicular units with 2 to 4 follicles (hairs) in each unit; more rarely, there is just one or more than four hairs per unit. The diametre of the follicular unit usually varies in the range of 0,5 - 0,8 mm.                                                                                                                                                                           

Folicul unit

3 follicles    2 follicles   4 follicles

     AVA FUE technique is the automatic vacuum-assisted extraction of follicular units from zones that are unaffected by hair loss. It is a perfected, variant of the motorized FUE technique. The size of the punch used (0,5 - 0,8 mm) enables extracting “pure” follicular units without unnecessary tissue attached. As the grafts are small and without unnecessary tissue on them, it is possible to achieve natural hair density: in our experience, we have transplanted more than 60 follicular units per square centimetre when necessary. Vacuum-assisted extraction guarantees the high quality of micrografts, because it reduces to a minimum the risk of damage to them when the punch enters the scalp and then separates the graft from the scalp.

    The lack of mechanical trauma to the grafts with AVA FUE technique, and the precision of the process, significantly increases the percentage of surviving micrografts: our results are in the range of 95% - 98%

     AVA FUE technique considerably shortens the first stage (extraction of donor material) and makes it possible to harvest a greater number of micrografts while causing the patient less discomfort.



  • Transplantation of up to 3000 micrografts in a single day of surgery and up to 6000 in two consecutive days
  • A high percentage of surviving micrografts, in the range of 95%-98%
  • Small diametre of the punches (0,5- 0,8 mm), which reduces trauma in the donor zones to a minimum
  • The possibility of extracting a large quantity of grafts       
  • Achieving the desired hair density in a single stage, without the need of making a second transplantation in the same zone for additional density
  • The possibility of extracting hair follicles from any region of the human body and transferring it to the problem zones      
  • Minimal trauma and a brief recovery period