Recovery after the procedure

  After the procedure is completed, the patient leaves without bandages. The first control examination is on the following day, when the first washing is done and the doctor specifies the care that should be taken for the hair in the next 10 days (daily washing and application of a restorative cream). Quite often, a swelling appears in the region of the forehead, which lasts from the second to the fourth day. The second control examination is on the 10th day and includes cleaning away the small scabs that have formed around the micrografts. After the scabs are cleaned away, only the newly implanted hair remains, which by that time has reached 4-5 mm in length. In rare cases, a slight reddening of the zone is visible, but it disappears completely by the 15th day. The newly implanted hair grows for up to one month after the transplantation, after which it gradually falls away by the second month. From the beginning of the third month and to the end of the sixth month, the whole transplanted hair gradually grows. Then (at the end of the sixth month), the final result of the operation may be observed.

Before, one hour later, 10 days later, 1st to 7th month after the procedure


Before, one hour later, 24 hours later, 7 months later

    In the first 10 days following the procedure, heavy physical exertion should be avoided. After full recovery of the donor and recipient zones (on the 10th day), physical exertions may recommence to the extent of the patient’s customary regimen. Exposing the hair to direct sunlight is not recommended before the reddening in the recipient zones has fully disappeared.